Why shall we prefer Computer Delivered IELTS Exam?

Whenever any student decides to sit for IELTS(International English Language Testing System), Sometimes, They fall into ambiguity, whether they need to give their exam Computer Based or on Paper Based. Sometimes, they lose their mind hearing so many pros and cons of both types of exams. That’s… the reason why most often they pick anyone randomly. The decision they take is reflected in the exam because there is a subtle difference between both types of exams. Here I am providing some information that I have been able to know from various sources about CBIT(Computer Based IELTS Test)



1. The first thing I should mention is that if you are in a hurry to get an IELTS score within 5 days, you can give the exam in CBIT. Because the result will publish within 5 days. (However, if you need your score from UKVI then it will not be fruitful because it will publish within 30 days whatever test you have appeared)

2. Another interesting thing which I want to add that is, you don’t need to be panicked about your time or need to look at your watch because in the left corner of the screen you will be able to see every minute you remain.

3. In terms of  Listening, if you have any confusion in any question you can mark it by pressing on review button. After that action, the number will be round and you will see the last moment of the exam. If your mind changes to go for giving another answer, you can change it. If you aren’t able to make any action for that number, what will happen? Don’t worry, about anything else. If your answer is OK then you will get its mark if wrong you will get what is for a wrong answer.


4. In the Matching heading, your duty is to drag and drop on the right question with the right answer. You can move between freely just click the below number and the computer will show you that question relating to its other substantial number as well or you can click the arrow to go to the next page.

5. If you want to highlight keywords what will happen? Ok, don’t think twice. There is a solution provided for you. Just select the word, right-click, and highlight even you can make notes.

6. One good thing is, that you will be provided good headphones so that no sounds either keyboard or anything else can hamper you or distract you.

7. If you want to take notes on paper you can make it as they will provide paper and pencil as well but specialized people prefer not to do that.

8. Something else that I need to let you know about Reading is that your computer screen will split into two sides Left and right. On the left, the passage will appear and on the right, you will be able to see all questions. So you don’t need to turn pages. And you will be able to see 14 questions which you need to scroll up to down to read the whole passage as well as questions at all. In order to select your answer you at first need to click on the question and then the option will appear to you otherwise, the option will be hidden on the computer screen

9. In addition to what I’ve just said, I can add that, In True, False, Not given you don’t need to write at all. Just click the question and three options will be shown to you. Then click on the right answer.

10. For Filling the gap, you can type or you can copy the word from the passage using CTRL+C and CTRL+V to paste.

11. Anything can be highlighted by you in the same process that I’ve mentioned in the Listening task.

12. In the matching heading, your work is to get the answer and drag it to the top of the paragraph. If you think your previous heading is mismatched just go above the paragraph where you dragged the heading and try to drag from there and drop where is appropriate or you can drag it back to the previous position as well.

13. You don’t need to transfer your answer anywhere.

N.B: The advantages of Writing will come soon. It is the game changer.

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Aysha akther

Wow, this post is very resourceful. I have no confusion now. Thank you so much for the writing. Please write something about listening strategies. I have problem with map solving.

Mridul Chandra Nath

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Certainly I will try to write about your requested topic.