What is the difference between Especially and specially?

There are many confusing words in English. When we want to use them we often make mistakes and use them unknowingly. Especially and, specially those are similar-looking words but they have different uses and meanings. Let’s learn about some words which are really confusing sometimes. I hope after reading this article you will have no confusion.


বাংলা অর্থ: বিশেষ করে 
Especially is an adverb. 
1. When we want to point out one person or thing over all others, then we use especially. 
  1. I love animals, especially dogs.
  2. Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned.
  3. I like walking, especially in the morning.
2. If something is to a great extent or very much, then we also use especially. 
  1. I feel especially good today.
  2. This book is especially difficult to read.



বাংলা অর্থ: বিশেষভাবে
Specially is an adverb. 

1. When we do something for a special purpose.

  1. I bought specially a new coat and hat for the wedding. 


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