Band 7+ Introduction Writing: Advantage & Disadvantage Essay

Dear IELTS Aspirants!

The first impression makes anything best. Writing an introduction for ielts writing task 2 is ever challenging for students as it requires a General Statement & a Thesis Statement. Remember, the general statement goes for Paraphrasing the Question Topic & the thesis statement is for a summary of your full essay with your clear position i.e, I agree or I disagree. Here, I have posted various sorts of full introductions on a question from my online executive batch.

Question: At the present time, the population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young adults, compared with the number of older people. Do the advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages? 

Here are some introductions from SagarSir’s Online batch:

1. A few countries of today’s world accommodate comparatively higher number of young people than the older ones. Although older people are always superior towards the society for their contribution but in today’s automated world, I believe that the advantages of having younger pupils outweigh its disadvantages.

2. Nowadays, a few countries have a huge number of youngsters, compared to the number of old people. In this situation, a country can get the greatest number of benefits such as having more impact on producing new technologies, new inventions, and economical developement. However, without experience nothing will reach to the success, so it is also important to have experienced people in a country who will always lead young generation.

3. In recent years, the individuals of a number of countries compared that the number of youngsters are more than older people. In my perspective, the advantages are more than disadvantages the reason behind this, young people are able to contribute more as they are more adaptive in new technology than others.

———– So, which one makes an eye-glaring impression & why?———

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