Computer Delivered IELTS in writing is the biggest bless:

In given point I tried to show you, what is the biggest good side of Computer Delivered IELTS. Read it and if you have any question please write it below comment box. We will try our best to answer within short time. 

  1.  In every day to day, We got so many friends as well as individuals who are very much frustrated about their writing. They have that kinds of ability to crack IELTS and get a good score. But because of their bad and clumsy handwriting they feel  insecure for sitting for IELTS. In that reason, Computer Delivered IELTS is really a benison for them. The reason behind this, They don’t need to panicked for their handwriting and you never underestimate because of Computer Delivered IELTS. Even though, you need to be glad because you have adopted new technology which is really better for boosting your confident.      
  2. Another interesting thing I should mention is that, In terms of Computer Delivered IELTS you don’t need to focus on clock as well as watch to know your remaining time. The reason why is that, in your screen you will able to see the remaining time. It will appeared before last minute. Whenever you will never able to see it, that means you are in the eleventh hour of your writing. You have less than a minute. You need to wrap up your writing.


  3.  And I shouldn’t forget to mention that, you don’t need worry for your word count because in writing task 1 you need to write more than 150 words and writing task 2 you need to write more than 250 words. Ok, your word count will be done by your computer. Every after your word it will show you how many word you have completed. So you will be relieved from word counting. Which is really a good things.

Question from candidate:

  • Is it possible to use any kinds of 3rd party software or site?

         Actually, you don’t able to do that. One things you need to memorize, your computer is always monitored by super skilled examiner. So don’t think it twice. If you try to do that, your exam will be expelled. Even, your passport may be banned.

  • In MS word or any other text writing software, Whenever we make any spelling mistake they suggest us, Is it happened in the exam?

        That’s an interesting question. With full of apathy I need to say no. It will not occur in exam center. (for that reason, whenever you will practice your writing task, stop the correction mode. For doing that, you can go to file>>options>>proofing>>When correcting spelling and grammar in Word>>Uncheck spelling as you type and Mark grammar errors as you type>>ok ) 

  •                Is it necessary to be a pro level typist for appearing that kinds of exam?

        Actually typing is not a big deal. If you can write without seeing to keyboard without error it is more than enough. But if I need to specify your typing speed, I think more than 10 words in a minute is enough. 

  • Is it possible to write your essay in capital letter like in reading and listening?

Well, That’s really a good question. Most of the people don’t know about it or they fell confused hearing this question. In IELTS Writing, you can choose to write your essay in capital letters. But I would not recommend it because:

          1. You will be marked on punctuation so the use of capital letters and lower case is important to show. for example: you must have a capital letter at the start of a sentence.

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Ratul Ahmed

Nice post. Thank you so much.

Mridul Chandra Nath

Pleasure to get your appreciation.

Sumaiya Binta Shahid

It’s really a nice post for IELTS candidates. The information you have given are excellent.

Mridul Chandra Nath

Thanks for your nice feedback.

Khadiza supty

I was confused about computer based. Now It’s my cup of tea. Thanks a ton.